Keep your items looking tip top!


  1. Flip the shirt inside out before washing to shield the design from getting friendly with other laundry in the machine!
  2. Top-Notch TLC for Rad Threads: Squeegee 'em with Warm Water and a Gentle Cycle.
  3. Skip the harsh stuff! Opt for a mild detergent sans bleach or harsh chemicals. Keep those graphic illustrations looking sharp and avoid the fade away moment!
  4. Skip the fabric softeners and dryer sheets when washing graphic tees, they're not invited to this laundry party!
  5. Lettin' it hang loose or layin' it flat is the way to go. Don't put those funky graphic clothes in the dryer, heat might mess 'em up!
  6. No iron-on the graphic! If your threads need a touch up, flip 'em inside out and go easy on the heat to keep the graphic looking fresh.

By sticking to these laundry tips, you'll keep your graphic gear looking fresh and fabulous for ages!


When cleaning tote bags adorned with our illustrations, it's key to heed these care tips for lasting print quality and endurance.

  1. Prior to washing, flip the tote bag inside out to shield the printed design from friction with other items or the washing machine.
  2. Clean the tote bag in toasty water with a friendly detergent. Avoid hot water to keep the print looking sharp!
  3. Give the tote bag a gentle spin in the wash to keep the print looking sharp!
  4. Skip the bleach and harsh chemicals when washing the tote bag, they're no good for the print.
  5. Post scrub-a-dub, give the tote a good rinse to banish soap remnants!
  6. Let your tote bag catch some fresh air or lay it flat on a towel beach. Skip the dryer to keep the print looking sharp!
  7. Avoid ironing over the fancy design. If you must iron, do it inside out on a gentle heat.

Following these washing instructions will help maintain the quality of the printed design on your tote bag for a longer period of time.


While cleaning your enamel mugs, make sure to stick to these steps to keep the artwork looking fresh and the mug in top-notch condition:

  1. Wash those enamel mugs by hand to keep them looking snazzy! Skip the dishwasher to avoid the heat and detergents that can mess with the graphic.
  2. Scrub-a-dub-dub with gentle dish soap and warm water, mate! Steer clear of rough sponges or mean chemicals that might harm the cool print.
  3. Gently give your mug a little spa treatment with a soft sponge or cloth to banish any dirt or residue. Avoid the temptation to bring out the heavy-duty cleaners!
  4. Wash the mug with clean water to get rid of any soapy leftovers.
  5. Dab the mug dry with a plush towel or let it chill and air dry. Steer clear of using a scratchy cloth or paper towel that could mess up the print.
  6. Keep the mug in a chill spot to keep the design looking fresh.

With these washing instructions, your enamel mug will stay looking vibrant and in tip-top shape!