Welcome to our world! We are Emma and Laura, two mums who found each other by the harsh fluorescent lighting of soft play hell. We instantly bonded through a love of tea, tea and more tea - with the odd sprinkle of anxiety! Our little business was born on Hallowe'en 2022 (which says it all really) and combines our love of drawing, being Welsh and laughing our way through the trials of motherhood! We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Laura - Illustrator

Laura's creative vision and dedication to her craft shines through in each and every piece she creates, making Delilah & Ewe a truly special brand. Her ability to infuse charm and whimsy into the designs is what sets Delilah & Ewe apart from other brands, and customers can't help but fall in love with her adorable illustrations.

Despite juggling her teaching career with running a business, Laura pours her heart and soul into Delilah & Ewe, constantly coming up with new and exciting designs to delight our customers. Her love for what she does is evident in the joy her designs bring to those who purchase them, making each piece a little treasure to cherish.

Delilah & Ewe is more than just a business; it's a way for her to share her passion with the world and spread a little happiness through her beautiful illustrations. With Laura at the ipad, there's no doubt that Delilah & Ewe will continue to grow and thrive, bringing joy to our customers for years to come!

Emma - Practically Perfect 😉

Emma, is our undercover product design magician with a touch of everything awesome in our tiny world! Described as "small enough to fit on an eyelash" by a mini Ewe, Emma sprinkles magic on each product, showing that big wonders can come in small packages!

She's the brainpower fuelling our dwtty kingdom, blending her enchanting product design skills with Laura's artistry, marketing prowess, and business savvy to deliver products that are simply perfection. Every product that meets your eye is "practically perfect in every way" which may just be her favourite film!